Puffed rice machine

Puff Rice Making Machine

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Puffed rice is one kind ofvery popular food in India and Bangladesh. It is the main food for people.  We can eat it directly, we also

can eat it after flavoring.  The puffed rice taste crisp. After frying and flavoring it is much more delicious. Now more and more

people all over the world like rice puff food.

Samples of rice puff:

Puffed rice machine in our factory:

The mould for different shapes puffed rice:

The Puffed rice is made by Rice flour.  We also can mix some corn flour or wheat flour to make the rice puff taste different.

The introduction of puff rice making machine:

1. The capacity of the machine : 150kg/h, 250kg/h and 500kg/h

2.Operation of the machine: It is very easy to operate the machine, the PLC control system can adjust the parameters

automatically.   The temperature,  speed, water and so on. There only need 3 people to operate the whole line.

3. By changing the dies we can produce different size puffed rice.  Longer, shorter, bigger, smaller

4.Raw material: Rice Powder, water

The specification of the puffed rice making machine:

Model SLG65 SLG70 SLG85
Install Power 65KW 110KW 190KW
Consumption Power 42KW 77KW 133KW
Output 120-150KG/H 220-260KG/H 500-600KG/H
Dimension 19000×1300×2200M 22000×1300×2200M 30000×1300×2500M

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