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Floating Fish Feed Machine

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The fish feed machine can produce different size of Fish feed:

The machine can produce perfect quality floating fish feed as below:

Introduction of our company to you:

To date, Saibainuo and its industrial integration partners have installed over 50 fish feed manufacturing plants around the world including machines producing over 2 tons of pellets per hour. Saibainuo also works closely with research institutes in several countries to develop technology and recipes for aquaculture.With salmonids as the initial focus, R&D teams have in 11 years developed specific recipe for benthic and pelagic species: trout,

turbot, cod, halibut, yellow tail, sea bass, sea bream, shrimps etc. Saibainuo Company provide the best Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Our fish feed processing line advantage:

Saibainuo systems efficiently produce high-energy feed, with a precise balance of proteins, oils and carbohydrates, processed for optimum digestibility with reduced waste. Its systems produce the right formula that turn “feed into flesh” and are particularly suited for processing a wide selection of recipes and raw materials. Saibainuoprocesses also accurately control pellet density for specific product attributes, such as sinking or floating properties. Processors can manufacture a wide range of products that are adapted to the nutritional requirements of the animals, when required, and feed dimensions perfectly calibrated from 1 to 30.0 mm. Saibainuo technology also complies with the toughest environmental and quality requirements, maintaining water quality and breeding healthy animals, which in turn generates improved conversion ratios.

Fish feed Extruder:

Sustainable quality of our Fish Feed extruder Machine:

Saibainuo systems produce fish feed that is good for animal health, cost-effective and sustainable:

· Quality nutritional features –  denaturing of proteins, gelatinization of starch, reduction of anti-nutriments,flavor enhancement, balanced protein/lipid complexes, increased digestibility, attractive texturing and shaping, controlled expansion and density, hygienic salmonella-free pellets

· Ingredient flexibility to process a large range of raw materials (fish flour, vegetable proteins, binders …) continuous processing, fast changeover times

· Full control of process parameters and automation to ensure consistent quality

· Precise shaping and feed dimensions calibrated from 1mm to 30mm

· Output range, from 150kg/hour to over 3000kg/h of finished products

· Intensified processing to reduce water and energy consumption

The Process of the fish feed making:

500kg/h fish feed machine picture: (Raw material system, extrusion system, cutting system, drying system)

Parameters of fish feed production line,Fish food machine:

Model SLG65 SLG70 SLG85 SLG95
Install Power 65KW 110KW 190KW 250KW
Consumption Power 42KW 77KW 133KW 175KW
Output(kg/h) 120-150KG/H 240-260KG/H 500-600KG/H 1000-1200KG/H
Dimension(mm) 19000×1300×2200 22000×1300×2200 30000×1300×2500 38000×1300×3000

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